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Harvest Moon, Harvest Wine

Harvest wine




Last week we had our grape-harvest party and guests enjoyed the harvest wine. This is the very first wine from the 2016 harvest - very light, so they could drink as much as they wanted - and one of our guests, before the concert, took this wonderful photograph of their glass, with the lovely slate-clad bodega in the background.  



In some ways it was like any party - lots of hard work getting ready for the guests, checking who was coming, working in the kitchen, checking the supplies, putting out the chairs and resolving any last minutes crises. 


And then people came - near 100 guests to try the bountiful harvest wine within our wine salon and enjoy the evening sunshine and the beautiful views from our balcony. 


On the balcony


Daniel Casares, our internationally renowed flamenco guitarist, warmed up in the bodega's office before he was introduced by Clara and gave a wonderful performance. His beautiful music is more emotionally intense then ever in live performance. It couldn't have been heard in a more beautiful setting, with the beautiful hills and mountains rising behind him as, little by little, the light faded and sunset spread colour across the sky.


Daniel Casares at Bodegas Bentomiz


We served our guests with a three-course meal served under the stars. It was the night of the harvest moon, when the moon so close you feel you can touch it, and seems absurdly big, floating above the land like a giant balloon. We were interested to hear there would be a partial eclipse - the earth's shadow touching the orb's edge but alas, the shadow had gone when the moon rose above the hill behind the bodega. 


After dinner Daniel was joined on stage by the magnificent Robin Torres. She has a beautiful voice that, with Daniel's guitar filled the audience with sweet, melancholic delight. Our hard-working staff came out of the building to listen. I believe even the cicadas, used to making their crackling-static noise all night long, fell silent and listened, too!


 Robin Torres


Later, as the guests were leaving we heard one question over and over. 

"When will you do it again?

So much enthusiasm can't possibly be disappointed. Future events, from concerts to private parties lie in wait. Watch this space!




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